Siri Can Be An Expensive Assistant

Note: I am on jury duty this week.  Depending on if I am called or not, there may or may not be more posts for the rest of the week and into next week.

If you aren’t grandfathered into Verizon’s or AT&T’s unlimited data plans and you don’t have Sprint, you just might want to think twice before you ask your favorite iPhone assistant, Siri, to look something up or read that text for you.  According to several reports, iPhone 4S users use almost twice as much data as users of the iPhone 4.  The culprit it seems is Siri.  According to this Forbes article (and others), every time you ask Siri a question or tell Siri to do something it has to send your voice commands to Apple’s servers to understand what you are saying.  So even if you are asking it to play a song on your phone that is in your library, Siri has to go out to Apple’s servers to understand your command just to play that song. 

So as fun as Siri might be, you might want to limit your use depending your data plan and whether you are on wifi or not.

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