Medlibs What Interests You?

It has been almost 2 weeks since I wrote something on the blog.  I appologize to readers.  These last few weeks have been quite busy with kids stuff and holiday stuff that what little extra time I had got sucked into a vortex.  I do plan on blogging very shortly.  But I thought I would take this time to solicit opinions and ideas about what you would like to see on this blog for 2013. Is there something I should focus on specifically?  Or, is there a topic that I have beaten to death that you are tired of reading?  Let me know!  I write not only because I like to but also because I like communicating with you all.

For example would you like more:

  • Database/product reviews
  • Mobile stuff (in general I will leave medical app reviews to the folks at iMedicalApps, they already do a great job)
  • Trends in medical libraries
  • What is happening on the MLA Board

I know you are all familiar with my voice, but would you be interested in having guest posts every once and a while?  I usually don’t do them, but I am not opposed to them either.  Bigger question…Is my blog relevant still?  Would you rather get my insights from Twitter, Facebook or something else?  Basically is this blog dead to you and I should focus on other things. 

I look forward to any and all comments.  Let me know.  Without you, the reader, I would just be blogging to myself which isn’t much different than talking to myself and I do enough of that already.


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