Friday Fun on Thursday

I am cheating a bit.  Today is Thursday but I am posting a Friday Fun post.  The reason is because this upcoming Friday is the Friday before Christmas and many people may be taking it off for a longer holiday weekend. 
(Note: I won’t be posting all next week.)

I wanted to take the opportunity to wish my dear friend and colleague Jodith Janes congratulations and best wishes on her retirement.  I was fortunate to have started my medical librarian career at the Cleveland Clinic and I consider Jodith my mentor in all things referencey. It was an honor and a priviledge to learn and work with her.  I  know she is looking forward to not dealing with the snow and rush hour this winter.  Jodith, I hope you will enjoy your time with your family, gardening, and volunteering at the Natural History museum.  We will miss you very much.  It won’t be the same without you. 


Thank you Emily at Wildflour bakery for making on of the best medical librarian themed retirement cakes ever! 

She even got the spine lables!


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