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Submit Virtual Projects for JMLA Virtual Projects Section by March 31, 2018

2. Check for common weaknesses Cross-site scripting and SQL injections are the normal methods using which the these details hackers attack a web site. There are lots of tools, which will be able to help you verify if your website is protected.

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JMLA Virtual Projects Section Advisory Committee:

Patricia Anderson
Emily Hurst, AHIP
Michelle Kraft, AHIP
Susan Lessick, AHIP, FMLA
Dale Prince, AHIP
Elizabeth Whipple, AHIP

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So here are a few things I learned:

You Need Friends:

Thank yous:

Transitioning from co-worker to boss:


Find a mentor:

Make time for you:


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Rachel Pinotti, MLIS, AHIP
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Box 1102 – One Gustave L. Levy Pl.
New York, NY 10029-6574

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Phone: available via MLA members list

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Just wondering…..




Here are my thoughts:

What do you see in your crystal ball?

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