Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ovid Platform Enhancements

In two weeks (March 31, 2008) Ovid will go live with the enhancements based on customer feedback. Back in February they mentioned they would be making enhancements, and here are some more details.

MARC Records:
You will be able to download the MARC records for any journal or book that you subscribe to for you OPAC.

Annotation Export:
Users can now export serch results to any standard bibliographic citation manager.

Search Screen Position:
After a search has been executed, the search screen will no longer "jump." (Oh thank God! -Krafty thought) The search box will now appear above the search results set.

Results Manager Enhancements:
The "Actions" portion of the results manager will appear at the bottom as well as the top of the Results Manager. Users will no longer have to scroll up to the actions box to select preference.

Additional Interface Enhancements:
Remove Duplicates button will be moved outside the Search History Box
Navigational improvements to inline abstracts
Improved functionality of RSS AutoAlerts- Users will be able to choose to subscribe to a feed using Google, My Yahoo, or Bloglines.

For more information on the enhancements and all things on OvidSP go to the OvidSP Resource Center.

One thing I think should have been included in this enhancement and frankly is l-o-n-g overdue is the option to email results in HTML format. Why do I want this? Because have you ever emailed PubMed results to somebody and then emailed them Ovid search results? There is no comparision. PubMed search results preserve the link to the full text article! Your patrons can get the search, look through the citations and then click on the full text for the article. Miracles of miracles, they don't have to go back to the librarian ask that you send them the full text to citations 2,10, 33, 42, and 57. They just click on the full text to those articles and they have it.


At 1:11 PM, Anonymous Heather said...

Amen to the request for an HTML e-mail option. I do a lot of searching for nursing and allied health staff, so I'll send them results from both Medline and CINAHL. CINAHL sends them in HTML, with permanent links to the record and therefore to any Ebsco fulltext. We are about to implement the SFX link resolver, so pretty soon there will be full linking within the record to any of our fulltext articles. But with Ovid, we're still stuck with the old text file.

I was really surprised to see that this feature wasn't part of the new interface from the start. If Ovid isn't consulting with users, they should at least be looking at what competitors like Ebsco are doing.


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