Wednesday, November 21, 2007

PubMed, BioMed Central, and Others in Facebook

I can't get into Facebook here at work, so all my Facebook knowledge is gained when I am at home, so I appologize if you have already heard about this.
Facebook allows people to connect and discuss a lot of different things. There has been some discussion on whether this is just purely for fun or whether there are work related uses for Facebook. The distinction between work and play just got a little fuzzier as medical and science Facebook applications are being created.

The Medline Publications aplication allows you to list your Medline-listed academic publications on your Facebook profile, and view your friends’ publications as well. Sharing citations amoung colleagues.
Science Videos is a video search engine for science videos that are screened and approved based on accuracy and quality by scientists.
BioMed Central allows you to post articles to Facebook(as well as other social networking sites).

There are medical libraries creating their own Facebook page such as the Health Sciences Library at Stony Brook University, while others are creating their own Facebook applications like Penn State Libraries application that allows you to search the catalog in Facebook.

As Molly Knapp mentioned on the Social Networking blog, "I don’t see users fervently posting BMC articles as comments on their friend’s profiles (Brah -check out the c. elegans on this one! etc), but then again, this is an easy way to announce if you are published to a network of friends or colleagues, or if you want to start a discussion." However you can send articles to Facebook by posting on your profile or as a message to a friend. Copyright implications?! Uh not sure. But think of it as another method of communication for Journal Club.

Facebook is fun, but as it grows and today's Facebook users (still primarily college students) become tomorrow's employees, I bet there will be more work related applications popping up.


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