Tuesday, June 12, 2007

HLS Wiki

I have been playing around and browsing on the HLS Wiki and I like it. I also think it is one of those hidden gems that we hospital librarians need to do more to utilize and support. I can't tell you how many emails that get posted on the MEDLIB-L asking for help, ideas, best practices or resources on statistics, benchmarking, collection development, etc.

This wiki could be a really great resource for those kind of questions, but it needs your help. The wiki depends upon you to provide the information. The more quality information, the more of a help it can be to other hospital librarians.

I know, you are busy and don't have a lot of time at free time or work time to play around with a wiki. I hear ya. However, you don't have to sit there and edit every page or contribute mass amounts of information. Nobody has time for that. But it hardly takes any time to add a brief paragraph and link to something you did that worked. For example, I created an account and logged in and made some minor additions to beef up the front page of the Web 2.0 section. It took me a total of 5-10 minutes.

So here is my proposal. Don't stop the MEDLIB-L questions, I think we can all agree they are helpful and great. But perhaps in addition to sharing on MEDLIB you could also add the resource or example to the HLS wiki. Not only will you be sharing the information with that one person, but you will be providing information to others later on.

Just a thought.

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