Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Will Be Back In February

I am happy to say that I had my second son Monday morning. Have a happy holidays and I will be back to posting as usual in February.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

RSS and Library Management Systems

I am still working away, I just haven't posted much recently because news seems to slow down during this time and because I have been busy at work and at home getting all of my ducks in a row for when I will be out with the new baby.

I ran across an interesting wiki thanks to RSS4Lib. The LibSuccess wiki features a new section "Examples of RSS from the Catalog." This section features libraries and their library management systems currently using RSS. It is organized according the vendor and includes information software version, whether the feed is native of the OPAC or a result of your programming.

So if you are interested in seeing what others are doing with RSS and your vendor's library managment system, you might want to check this site out. Additionally, if you are already doing something you should think about adding your site to the list.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Remote Patron Authentication

I just got the table of contents for the Journal of Electronic Resources in Medical Libraries and was immediately drawn to this, Beyond Password Protection: Methods for Remote Patron Authentication, B Douglas Blansit in Journal of Electronic Resources in Medical Libraries Volume: 4 Issue: 1/2.

Today's patrons expect 24-hour access to materials in easily manipulated electronic formats which are available from local and remote locations. This article provides an overview of several technologies that authenticate users as having rights to licensed information resources. Technologies include password access, IP Access, use of a Proxy Server, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Athens Authentication, and Shibboleth. Remote software access is also mentioned.

Oooh ooh ooh. This is the very thing I am working towards right now. Too bad this article is in pre-publication and is not yet available online. I can't wait to get my hands on it and read what others are doing and what else is out there. Even though I am a smaller community hospital library so many of my patrons want off campus access to my electronic resources without memorizing multiple different usernames and passwords created by the various online providers. It is a demand that is growing and is becoming more important to address regardless of the size of your institution.

Survival Spanish for Library Staff

(courtesy of MCR news blog)
Spanish For Library Staff” is a new resource for library staff at Web Junction. “Inforpeople’s Survival Spanish for Library Staff” is approximately an hour long and includes a workbook and mp3 audio tracks from Infopeople's Survival Spanish for Library Staff Course. Praticipants will learn the Spanish pronunciation of commonly used library terms, including common patron questions with answers in Spanish.

This could be quite helpful and I know I don't have remind you all that MedlinePlus and MDConsult have consumer health information in Spanish as well.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

LWW Electronic Journals

Love 'em or hate 'em, the issues with electronic journals are enough to drive a person to drink heavily and unfortunately I am left smelling the wine cork until I have my second child (hopefully soon). My latest battle has been with my LWW titles. I scrimped and pinched my budget this year so that I could participate in a LWW consortia that allowed me full text access to approximately 150 online titles. Come budget time (in September) the usage statistics justified to my boss my continued participation in the consortia. Yippie!

Ah, I was too quick to celebrate. I should have known better. In November I was told by my Ovid rep that the original LWW consortia I belonged to was being cancelled by LWW and would not be available for the 2007 year. Oh snap.

Could this have come at worse time? Just a month before the end of the year after every library has already set their 2007 budget and I am told that what I budgeted for is now gone!? Oh but if I want I can go with the LWW's Total Access Collection for the very reasonable price of an arm and leg, which of course is not in my 2007 budget and most likely won't be ever. So, I am forced to piece together an LWW online collection based off of my heavily used titles.

First it was the AHA online journals debacle now LWW is yanking journal packages out from under my feet. I am starting to develop a nervous tick every time I hear the name Lippincott. I am wondering how many other hospital or academic medical libraries have had this similar problem. How is any of this good business practice?

Monday, December 04, 2006

MLA 2008 Courses and Symposia....Accepting Ideas

I know I mentioned this a while back but here is some more information. Suggestions must be submitted by Friday December 15, 2006! So if you have any good ideas or know of anybody who knows something that would make a dynamite class, get your suggestion in soon.

Call for MLA '08 CE Course and Symposia Ideas!

MLA is now accepting ideas for exciting & innovative courses and symposia to offer at MLA '08 in Chicago, IL. Courses and symposia would be held on May 16, May 17 and May 21, 2008.

Suggestions must be submitted by Friday, December 15, 2006, for consideration by the MLA Continuing Education Committee (CEC) at its Midwinter meeting, in February 2007.


MLA's CEC would like to present a variety of courses, covering the seven essential areas of knowledge described in MLA's Educational Policy Statement, Platform for Change. MLA CE courses are four, six, or eight hours in length. Active participant involvement must be built into the course to qualify. For ideas, look at MLA's Education Clearinghouse or offerings at other meetings.

What new topics or courses have caught your eye? Who is teaching a class or has expertise you would like to tap into? What classes from past meetings would you like to see offered again? The MLA CEC wants to hear from you! Are you currently a course instructor or would you like to create a new course? You may nominate yourself.

For more information check out the MLA annual meeting course selection process or contact Kathleen Combs, continuing education coordinator at [email protected].


Sections, chapters, or other MLA groups may choose to cosponsor (with MLA) a symposium at the annual meeting.

MLA defines a symposium as a "learning opportunity organized for the purpose of providing a forum for discussion of a well-defined topic." Typically, it consists of a series of presentations by experts, followed by an exchange of opinions among participants. Active involvement of the attendees must be built into the symposium schedule to qualify as an educational opportunity.
If your idea is chosen by the CEC, you will be asked to submit a proposal, using the official MLA Symposium Guidelines for final consideration at its May 2007 meeting.

Your ideas for courses or symposia must be submitted by Friday, December 15, 2006, to ensure consideration.

Use the simple forms at:
Course Idea Submission Form for MLA '08 (MS Word, 26KB)
Symposia Ideas Submission Form for MLA '08 (MS Word, 25 KB)

Send your submission form to:
Joanne Muellenbach, MLS, CEC Liaison
2008 National Program Committee
Dr. Serafina "Penny" Petrone Health Information Resource Centre
Northern Ontario School of Medicine MS-2007
Lakehead University
955 Oliver Road
Thunder Bay, Ontario P7B 5E1
fax: (807) 766-7361
e-mail: [email protected].

Questions? Contact Joanne Muellenbach, at the contact information listed above or contact Kathleen Combs,
Continuing education coordinator,
Medical Library Association,
65 East Wacker Place, Suite 1900,
Chicago, IL 60601-7298
fax, 312.419.8950;
email, [email protected].

For more information the website is located at:

Friday, December 01, 2006

December's Ovid Databases of the Month

It is the most wonderful time of the year.... While shopping around for those bargain gifts for family and friends do not forget about the two freebie databases this month at Ovid. INSPEC and INSPEC Archive as well as the International Science Database are Ovid's December databases of the month. As with all of Ovid's databases of month you must register to try them.

INSPEC and INSPEC Archive on Ovid
INSPEC provides access to the world's scientific and technical literature in physics, electrical engineering, electronics, communications, control engineering, computers and computing, and information technology. It also covers areas such as materials science, oceanography, nuclear engineering, geophysics, biomedical engineering and biophysics. Primary coverage is of journal articles and papers presented at conferences, although significant books, technical reports, and dissertations are also included in the database's 7.3 million records. Sources include more than 4,200 journals and more than 2,000 conference proceedings, books, and reports.

The Inspec Archive is the entire collection of Science Abstracts Journals digitized (back to volume one) dating from 1898 to 1968. The Science Abstracts Journals were the precursor to the Inspec database. The subject coverage is: All aspects of physics (originally published as Physics Abstracts), Electrical and electronic engineering (introduced as a separate journal in 1903, and originally published as Electrical and Electronic Abstracts), Computing and control engineering (introduced as a separate journal in 1966, and published initially as Control Abstracts, later renamed to Computer and Control Abstracts).
Try it for free at Ovid
Learn more about INSPEC from Ovid
Learn more about INSPEC Archive from Ovid

International Science Database on SilverPlatter
ISD is a bibliographic database covering approximately 8,000 periodicals spanning a wide range of subject areas including Medicine, Pharmacology, Biology, Psychology, Applied Sciences, Physics, Chemistry and many more.It contains over 9 million records with over 20,000 new records added per bi-monthly update.
Try it for free at Ovid
Learn more about International Science Database from Ovid

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